J. Winters Pilates

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classes + rates

classical classes

jWinters Pilates is dedicated to providing authentic Pilates training as Joseph Pilates intended.  These sessions incorporate all of the Pilates apparatus including the cadillac, reformer, chair, ladder barrel, and tower systems. This class can be adapted to all fitness levels.  Each class is 55 minutes in duration.

Beginner Reformer Session (30 minutes) 

First-time clients only

Private Session 

Semi-Private Session, Duet 

Group Classes of 3 or 4 

Contact for detailed rates + availability. 


All classes by appointment. Contact us for availability. 

"In 10 sessions, 
you'll feel a difference.
In 20 sessions, 
you'll see a difference.
In 30 sessions, 
you'll have a completely different 

-Joseph Pilates